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Delivering the Power of Choice Through True Competition.

Alliance for Electrical Restructuring in Oklahoma (AERO), 501(c)4, is a not-for-profit organization exploring the consumer advantages of electrical restructuring, allowing for true market competition and choice. (View Certificate)

Management Team

Mike Smith


Mike Boyd


Mr. Boyd is an industry-veteran and market expert with more 35 years of experience and professional knowledge, delivering holistic strategies to energy distribution and usage for clients throughout oil and gas sectors. He is responsible for providing day-to-day operations and research insights.

Larry Thompson

Pricing Analyst

Mr. Thompson is a seasoned analyst with experience in electrical, gas and water ratemaking as well as evaluations of electric and gas power markets, including financial rates modeling. He is charged with uncovering the financial viability and sustainability of electrical restructuring in Oklahoma.

A long-standing, proven leader in Oklahoma’s oil and gas industry, Mr. Smith has extensive knowledge in both commercial enterprise and government services for the energy sector. He is responsible for helping fulfill AERO’s mission of helping bring electric energy price certainty to commercial/ industrial consumers.

AERO will be governed by a Board of Directors and an Advisory Board. 

Board of Directors



to be announced. Accepting applications and nominees.

Advisory Board Members



to be announced. Accepting applications and nominees.

AERO is also seeking partnerships with many Government and Regulatory Agencies, including state association leadership.

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