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Total Megawatt Hours Available for Open Market Competition.

If you’re a power producer or marketer, electrical restructuring represents a new, untouched market opportunity. Commercial and industrial consumers in Oklahoma use 28,000,000 total megawatt hours per year.

Now, imagine if all those megawatt hours were available on the open market for competitive bids and contracts.

This would allow for retail marketers to create products that best meet their customers’ needs. From pricing certainty to negotiated terms to load factor to time-of-day efficiencies to discounts, there are countless ways third-party providers can deliver customized solutions and value to their customers.

Electrical restructuring model is similar to the state’s current natural gas deregulation model. As it stands, as power producers and marketers, you already have systems in place and the experience to provide power to commercial and industrial customers, adding new markets and margins to your company.

The Goal

With electrical restructuring power providers can work with owner/franchisees with multiple facilities to aggregate loads from all of their locations into one power purchase agreement.

The sky’s the limit with open market competition. Show your support by contributing to AERO, today.